Thursday, November 16, 2006

Silent Night

1708 Gallery is hosting the annual small works invitational not so silently...

This year, 1708 Gallery is putting a new spin
on the annual Small Works Invitational,

for the first time turning it into a silent auction.
Silent Night will feature small works by cutting-edge regional artists.
Here's how it works:
The bidding starts tomorrow, November 17, 2006,
and will continue through the entire show.

1708 Gallery will host the festive, closing gala reception,
Silent Night, on December 16 from 7 to 10 PM.

Admission is free to the Gala.
A $10 registration fee is required to bid,
so come and get your bid number soon!

Champagne will be flowing at the cash bar,

while delicious, complimentary treats

will be provided by our foodie friends and neighbors on Broad Street,
Comfort and Lift.

There will be music too - the gala will feature an all string jazz trio headed by Ryan Corbitt.

This will be a fun, casual, and competitive way
to vie for your favorite artworks.

A Benefit for 1708 Gallery, Silent Night is generously sponsored in part by:

Rob and Liz Acosta-Lewis
Christopher English and Meda S. Lane
Emily Kinnier
P. Watson Seaman.

1708 Gallery Board Members
Travis Fullerton,
Diego Sanchez,
Mary Scurlock
organized the exhibition.
Many thanks!


Tom Adair, Pam Anderson, Susanne Arnold, Andras Bality, Lora Beldon, Paul Bertholet, Brad Birchett, Gloria Blades, Mark Bryant, Daniel Calder, Gregg Carbo, Melanie Christian, Sara Clark, Stephen Clark, Janet DeCover, Diana Detamore, Jeff Dodge, Maria Dubon, Bill Fisher, Pam Fox, David Freed, Ashley Fullerton, Travis Fullerton, Vaughn Garland, Carole Garmon, Gordon Gibson, Mim Golub, Chris Gregson, Michael Greyer, Charles Gustina, Jeff Hall, Frank Heller, Kathryn Henry-Choisser, Mary Holland, Kris Iden, Lindsay Jessee, Ron Johnson, Steven Jones, Greg Kelley, Emily Kinnier, Aimee Koch, Judith Kowler, Dawn Latane, Greig Leach, Michael Lease, Hensley Llewellyn, Jeffrey Majer, Mary A. Melton, Lynn Murphy, Kelly Nelson, Cindy Neuschwander, Mary New, Eric Norborn, Amie Oliver, Tom Papa, Jay Paul, Louis Poole, Maruta Racenis, Elaine Rogers, Erin Root, Fiona Ross, Alyssa Salomon, Diego Sanchez, Ann Savedge, Chuck Scalin, Noah Scalin, Mary Scurlock, Pamela Shelor, Michelle Smith, Gordon Stettinius, Georgianne Stinnett, Javier Tapia, Rob Tarbell, Paul Teeples, Doug Utley, Jennifer Van Winkle, Anne walker, Robert Walz, Jane Ware, Thomas White, Susann Whittier, Willie Anne Wright

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