Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Party time!

Join us at Can Can tonight!

Tonight at Can Can Brasserie from 6-7pm there will be "une heure joyeux" with 1708 Gallery. The event, featuring $1 wine tasting (that's right, $1, although I hear it's more if you are from Hunton and Williams). Come and join the delightfully provoking company of the 1708 crew, Wearable Art models and designers, artistes, bohemians and curiosity seekers. There will be genuine artworks that will be featured in 1708's upcoming Silent Night show and light hors d'ourves will be available for your delectation, courtesy of our friends at Can Can Brasserie.

Look for us in the cafe section of the brasserie.

Observe our very own Maria Dubon, making some nice fresh wine for tonight.


mjdubon said...

I give my blood and sweat for this Gallery. Please come and enjoy!

eyembradnow said...

Ahh, blood and sweat ... you mean MUD and sweat dont you??? I think the girl in the plastic bag should be the winner of Wearable Art du jour!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that outfit is GREAT - is that a performance? And how does she balance that plate and wine while she makes pies?

Anonymous said...

Maria is endowed with ubernatural powers, that is how.