Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Have you gotten your bid number yet?

Silent Night: Small Works Auction...the bidding is on.

Here are some installation shots of the Silent Night:Small Works Silent Auction exhibition...

Those colored stripes on the wall will be of great interest on the night of the auction. Three main areas of the gallery are indicated by three colored stripesand each area closes bidding at a predetermined time in the evening, signalled by a GONG!
Robert Walz and John Haddad have been practicing their gongs every day in honor of this event. They are getting pretty good.

This is how it works: come to the gallery and talk to Aimee or Maria about getting a bid number for only $10 bucks. Your bid number will also get you a glass of champagne, gratis, the night of the gala.

Once you have your bid number then no-one knows who you are when you make a bid - you simply put your number on the bid sheet next to all your favorite artworks.
You can start bidding right away and come join all the fun on Dec 16th. Or you can bid by proxy!
There are also "Buy It Now" prices, like on Ebay, so if you needitwantitgottahaveit you can.

Contact Aimee or Maria at the gallery to get your bid number today.

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