Wednesday, March 28, 2007


The annual art auction on March 31st is officially sold out!

Friday, March 16, 2007

In other news...

The Whitney Museum at Altria is currently featuring the performance/installation based PRAXIS STUDIO:the collaborative husband and wife team Brainard Carey and Delia Bajo. 1708 Gallery board member Amie Oliver was invited to submit video clips and participate in "Dreams and Possibilities," an installation/performance which will be on view until March 22. A sampling of the work on view can be seen here and here: Dreams and Possibilities"


At JMU's New Image Gallery, Michael K. Lease 's collection of photos titled Posthumous and 1708 Board member Alyssa C. Salomon's collection titled Photo Fetish will be shown together in Pick and Save, which opened March 12th and will run till April 29th, 2007.

Go Alyssa and Amie O!

We Are OPEN!!

Come and see us today and this weekend at 1708 Gallery! We are open again and are looking forward to seeing all of our friends and neighbors as we re-open our doors after being closed for a few days after the fire on our block.

We have wonderful art for you to see, which is in PERFECT CONDITION (!!) on display for our upcoming auction (tickets and sponsorships are available!), you can chat with us about the past, present and future excitements and marvel at how incredibly lucky we are to have dodged true misfortune.

We hope to see you soon!

Thank you...

The outpouring of support, kind words and actions have been so encouraging as we at 1708 Gallery recover from the smoke and water damage our building suffered because of the recent fire on our block.

Offers of help and support streamed in from neighbors and friends of the gallery. Here are some (and this is only a partial list!) of our angels:

Michael Jones McKean
, a professor of Sculpture at VCU, with studio one block away

Shannon O’Neil
– Arts and Cultural Funding Consortium

Randy Humphrey
– Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens

Jo Kennedy
Visual Arts Center

Kathy Emerson
– Quirk Gallery
Sheila Gulley Pleasants - Virginia Center for the Creative Arts
Our friends at Comfort

Friends of Art, VMFA – Jenny Wortham, Carson Katie Shaw Sweeny

Heyn and Sandy Kjerulf

Leah Stoddard

We also had many generous offers of space in which to hold our Auction, and although we are in good enough shape to hold it at 1708 now, we deeply appreciate the offers of space from the following people and organizations:

Bev Jennette, Vice President of Community Development – downtown YMCA

Bob Mooney – Play

Tom Papa – Plant Zero

Don Dransfield - Dransfield Jewelers

Offers of help and support also came from Aimee Koch's classmates at VCU:

Rebekah A Holbrook, Virginia Mentoring Partnership
Joanie Bach, Read Aloud Virginia
Robin Clair Cummings, Medical Society of Virginia Foundation
Rusty Davis, Petersburg Arts Center
Esther Baker, Linklog

Katrina, Planned Parenthood

And, of course, huge thanks to the Richmond Fire Department and the brave, helpful firemen who did so much to save our gallery and our block.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Auction A La Mode!

1708 Gallery's Annual Auction A La Mode on March 31st is going to be the event of the season and you should be a part of it!

Tickets and sponsorships are still available to this black tie event and we would love to see YOU at the auction, artfully dressed and ready to have fun. Tickets and sponsorships are available for a donation of 60.00 and 125.00 respectively. Please send your donation to 1708 Gallery, PO Box 12520, Richmond, VA 23241 and we will send you your tickets promptly.

It is going to be a wonderful party, with delicious food, tasty beverages, and the thrill of a live auction of fantastic art, the suspense of the silent auction of small artworks by emerging artists and the Reasons to Collect Salon, with artworks by Sally Mann, Benjamin Jones, James Bradford, James Busby, Ledelle Moe, Richard Serra, Davi Det Hompson, Richard Carlyon, Jesse Mann, Patrick Caulfield, Ed Paschke and Marc Maiorana.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Auction Will Go On!!

1708's A La Mode Annual Auction will be held on March 31st, as scheduled!
Sponsorship tickets for $125.00 and regular tickets for $60.00 are available.

As our phones and electricity are still down from Sunday's fire on our block (see previous post), please send ticket payment to: 1708 Gallery, PO Box 12520, Richmond, VA 23241.
You can contact our Gallery Administrator, Aimee Koch via email:

And if you can donate any funds to help with our recover efforts, we would be very grateful.
Please send any donations, earmarked "March 11 Fire" to the same address as above...thank you.

Monday, March 12, 2007

1708 Gallery Escapes Major Fire Damage

At noon on Sunday, March 11, 2007, there was a fire at the vacant building 2 doors west of the 1708 Gallery. The Gallery is fortunate to have escaped severe damage from this fire. Our basement is flooded and there is some smoke damage, but the artwork all appears to be safe. This, of course, is a critical relief as the current show exhibits the Gallery's annual art auction, which raises about one-half of our non-profit art space's annual operating budget.

The annual auction is scheduled for Saturday, March 31 and will go on!
Tickets and sponsorships for this event ARE
available and all support at this time is greatly appreciated...

Important: As phone service is currently disrupted, please email the Gallery Administrator Aimee Koch at

We will keep you posted as events unfold. The main points to remember are,
first, the firemen of Richmond are amazing!, second, the damage is not nearly as bad as we had feared and most importan
tly, no lives were lost in the blaze.

All support is greatly appreciated at this time, as we assess the amount of damage to our basement and archives. If you wish to help 1708 Gallery, please send a check to the 1708 Gallery, PO Box 10520, Richmond, VA, 23241. Write "March 11 Fire" in the memo line and your donation will be used to help us recover fully from this event.

Thank you for all your support for 1708 Gallery!

Link to Richmond Times Dispatch article on the fire.