Friday, December 15, 2006

ADA gets the spotlight at SCOPE Miami!

Kudos to John Pollard for delivering at Miami's Scope Art Fair. ADA was added spice at the top of the art food chain and was noted as such in this recent post on Artnet!

excerpt from the Artnet article:
"For our money, one of the most entertaining parts of the Miami art fest was at the Scope art fair, where Brooklyn artist Daniel Davidson set up a homemade "photo booth" in cooperation with John Pollard’s three-year-old ADA Gallery in Richmond, Va."

above: Daniel Davidson’s "Picture Booth" at ADA Gallery at the Scope art fair in Miami.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Silent Night...

My moles tell me that there is bidding going on. People are darting into the gallery, writing their bid number, looking happily at the artworks they like and then sauntering away whistling.
This is good.
Remember, Saturday, December 16th is the closing reception for Silent Night - champagne, live music, delicious treats from our friends at Comfort and Lift, and waves of bidding.
Call Aimee or Maria at 1708 Gallery to get your bid number (which also gets you 2 free drinks!)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Alyssa Salomon at Aperture in NYC

If you were in NYC on December 7 the Aperture Foundation hosted a program entitled “The Daguerreotype Today”, a panel discussion featuring daguerrotype experts Alyssa Salomon (1708 Board Member), Jerry Spagnoli, Mike Robinson & Mark Kessell. This event was held in conjunction with Aperture’s exhibition & publication of a group of Chuck Close’s daguerreotypes. The discussion centered on how they have adapted this venerable photographic medium, which dates from the 1830's, for contemporary times.

Congratulations to Alyssa on being invited to participate in this lecture series!

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Silent Night - Bid now through December 16th...

The big night is approaching - December 16th is the gala reception and final night of the
small works silent auction.
Stop by 1708 this week to register for your bid number and card for
two free glasses of champagne or wine at the party.


We've already had a piece of artwork receive a "KNOCK-OUT" bid!

That means if you love the piece you can purchase it outright instead of bidding.
It's like the "buy it now" feature on Ebay, only better.

Stop by 1708 Gallery or call Maria or Aimee to register for your bid number.

Saturday, December 02, 2006


Nice VCU Arts blog post about Wearable art!
Pictures you haven't seen yet!

Friday, December 01, 2006

Meet 1708'sNewest Board Members

Cindy Neuschwander and Margaret Hays, and Ashley Silverburg and Maureen Neal

Chris English, Aimee Koch and Beth Morchower

Last night at 1708 Gallery we got to meet some of our new board members. Ashley Silverburg, Allison Andrews, Margaret Hays and Beth Morchower were able to come to the reception. You can tell from my very excellent photos that they are smart AND good looking!

Allison Andrews and Katherine Henry-Choisser

We look forward to meeting Lucy Meade, Rob McAdams, Courtney Dauer and Tonya Kestner soon.

Maria and Maureen discuss gardening.

Maria Dubon and Margaret Hays

Allison Andrews, radiant!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Have you gotten your bid number yet?

Silent Night: Small Works Auction...the bidding is on.

Here are some installation shots of the Silent Night:Small Works Silent Auction exhibition...

Those colored stripes on the wall will be of great interest on the night of the auction. Three main areas of the gallery are indicated by three colored stripesand each area closes bidding at a predetermined time in the evening, signalled by a GONG!
Robert Walz and John Haddad have been practicing their gongs every day in honor of this event. They are getting pretty good.

This is how it works: come to the gallery and talk to Aimee or Maria about getting a bid number for only $10 bucks. Your bid number will also get you a glass of champagne, gratis, the night of the gala.

Once you have your bid number then no-one knows who you are when you make a bid - you simply put your number on the bid sheet next to all your favorite artworks.
You can start bidding right away and come join all the fun on Dec 16th. Or you can bid by proxy!
There are also "Buy It Now" prices, like on Ebay, so if you needitwantitgottahaveit you can.

Contact Aimee or Maria at the gallery to get your bid number today.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

RVA is Uber

RVA has a really great photo of Diana Cavanaugh's winning Wearable Art piece this week and promises a full write-up on the event in the next issue. Click here to see...

Ed Winkleman's Blog today

I read Edward Winkleman's blog daily and his post today on Communication was just beautiful.
Check it out.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Silent Night

1708 Gallery is hosting the annual small works invitational not so silently...

This year, 1708 Gallery is putting a new spin
on the annual Small Works Invitational,

for the first time turning it into a silent auction.
Silent Night will feature small works by cutting-edge regional artists.
Here's how it works:
The bidding starts tomorrow, November 17, 2006,
and will continue through the entire show.

1708 Gallery will host the festive, closing gala reception,
Silent Night, on December 16 from 7 to 10 PM.

Admission is free to the Gala.
A $10 registration fee is required to bid,
so come and get your bid number soon!

Champagne will be flowing at the cash bar,

while delicious, complimentary treats

will be provided by our foodie friends and neighbors on Broad Street,
Comfort and Lift.

There will be music too - the gala will feature an all string jazz trio headed by Ryan Corbitt.

This will be a fun, casual, and competitive way
to vie for your favorite artworks.

A Benefit for 1708 Gallery, Silent Night is generously sponsored in part by:

Rob and Liz Acosta-Lewis
Christopher English and Meda S. Lane
Emily Kinnier
P. Watson Seaman.

1708 Gallery Board Members
Travis Fullerton,
Diego Sanchez,
Mary Scurlock
organized the exhibition.
Many thanks!


Tom Adair, Pam Anderson, Susanne Arnold, Andras Bality, Lora Beldon, Paul Bertholet, Brad Birchett, Gloria Blades, Mark Bryant, Daniel Calder, Gregg Carbo, Melanie Christian, Sara Clark, Stephen Clark, Janet DeCover, Diana Detamore, Jeff Dodge, Maria Dubon, Bill Fisher, Pam Fox, David Freed, Ashley Fullerton, Travis Fullerton, Vaughn Garland, Carole Garmon, Gordon Gibson, Mim Golub, Chris Gregson, Michael Greyer, Charles Gustina, Jeff Hall, Frank Heller, Kathryn Henry-Choisser, Mary Holland, Kris Iden, Lindsay Jessee, Ron Johnson, Steven Jones, Greg Kelley, Emily Kinnier, Aimee Koch, Judith Kowler, Dawn Latane, Greig Leach, Michael Lease, Hensley Llewellyn, Jeffrey Majer, Mary A. Melton, Lynn Murphy, Kelly Nelson, Cindy Neuschwander, Mary New, Eric Norborn, Amie Oliver, Tom Papa, Jay Paul, Louis Poole, Maruta Racenis, Elaine Rogers, Erin Root, Fiona Ross, Alyssa Salomon, Diego Sanchez, Ann Savedge, Chuck Scalin, Noah Scalin, Mary Scurlock, Pamela Shelor, Michelle Smith, Gordon Stettinius, Georgianne Stinnett, Javier Tapia, Rob Tarbell, Paul Teeples, Doug Utley, Jennifer Van Winkle, Anne walker, Robert Walz, Jane Ware, Thomas White, Susann Whittier, Willie Anne Wright

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wish you could have seen Wearable Art: Uber?

Diana Cavanaugh's creation "We Asians Love Our Rice"
Best In Show
Wearable Art #9: UBER

Well, your wish came true this time (maybe you should make another wish just in case it works again, or buy a lotto ticket).

Aimee got an email today from Richmond film maker and comedian Odyssey Michaels who made a recording of the Wearable Art #9: Uber event on Saturday night. He very kindly gave us the link to his post on YouTube.

Click here to see the show - models, designers, party-goers, Starr Foster Dance and all the fun.

And let us here at 1708 Gallery know how you liked the show!

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Best Wearable Art Yet!

Wearable Art 9

That's what I kept hearing last night at Uber: Wearable Art #9. It was an tour de force of talent, design, humor and high spirits. I heard shouts of delight, whispers of awe, dumbstruck silence and intakes of breath followed by enthusiastic applause, whistles and shouts of encouragement and delighted laughter. It was really wonderful!

Tremendous thanks to all our generous sponsors, especially to Sally Brown, John Malinoski, La Difference International Furnishings, Rockfish Graphix, Nesbit, A Sharper Palate and the Bruce Ford Brown Charitable Trust, gratitude to our Wearable Art Judges and cheers and applause to our hard working Wearable Art Committee and event volunteers.

1708 Gallery's greatest thanks and deep appreciation are, of course, to the artists, designers and models who created the amazingly inspired and unforgettable wearable art!
Thanks go out to our stellar judges: Pam Reynolds, Kristen Caskey, Katie Ukrop, Sally Bowring, Heidi Story, Michael Taylor, Carole Garmon and Chris Humes. It had to be unbelievably difficult for the judges to decide, given the amount of outstanding work, but, decide they did, and here are the results:

Wearable Art Winners

Third Place - $200 Scholarship, given by Cindy Neuschwander, Jay Barrows and Heidi Story
goes to Zachary Monday for Silver Song Bird and White Figure

Second Place - $300
Scholarship, given by Chris English goes to Nedim Sudic for Mameha(squared)

First Place

$500 Scholarship
Given in memory of Theo Young, Chair of the VCU Fashion Design Department

1980-1988 by the Kephart Foundation goes to Sarah Perry for Stilted Modesty

Best in Show - $1,000 Scholarship, given by The Phoenix and Que Bella goes to Diana Cavanaugh for We Asians Love Our Rice

Honorable mentions went to:
Stuart Harnsberger for his Chicken Suits,

Amy Williams for her Über Spoon

and to Colleen Judge for Über Pop!

We appreciate and
applaud all our Wearable Art contestants and their models!

Lastly, Aimee Koch took millions of photos and she and I will get them posted very, very soon...