Friday, January 30, 2009

John Hendershot: 1708 Gallery Graduate Artist Forum Nominee

"I’m interested in the relationship between memory, experience, and the individual perspective. By recalling remembered events from my life I communicate to the viewer my interpretation of those events through the use of abstracted visual and aural imagery. The events range from the everyday mundane, to the profoundly traumatic. My motivation is to begin a dialogue between myself and the viewer over how we communicate in memory, how we remember past events, and the importance this has to our own individual histories."
-John Hendershot

Images above are stills from John Hendershot's videos. He is an MFA candidate at VCU Photo and was nominated to be a part of 1708 Gallery's Fourth Annual Graduate Artist Forum.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Our own FaBUloUs LYNDA RAY!!

Lynda Ray
Whitewash, 11.3 x 9", encaustic

When you are up in NYC, stop in at the NYU Small Work show to see 1708 Gallery board member Lynda Ray's work...

NYU 32nd Small Works
80 Washington Square East Galleries
On View: January 31st through March 13th
Opening Reception: On Saturday, January 31st. From 12 - 4pm
Hours: Tuesday 10-7, Wednesday & Thursday 10-6, Friday & Saturday 10-5

Juror: Daniel Ferris, Director, Stephen Haller Gallery

Andrew Mausert-Mooney

""Flok" is a 16mm short film about two brothers that travel around their town collecting dead birds in hopes to make they fly again. Meanwhile, a woman tries to get away while Jesus rides along. I am currently working on an experimental narrative film about a father and a son who deal with loss by creating their own personal history. They take a trip to Lumberton, North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Mountains to claim their ancestry."

Andrew Mausert-Mooney is a post-baccalaureate art student making video art at University of Virginia. He was nominated by his department to be a part of 1708 Gallery's Fourth Annual Graduate Artist Forum.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stephanie Benassi: 1708 Graduate Artist Forum Nominee

"Pulling themselves through openings, rattling and scurrying in the walls. When I don’t see them I know they are there. I spray the premises with poison with no regret and to no avail. Nothing stops them from coming in or makes them leave. When one is seen I become furious, at thirty I begin to imagine hundreds, maybe thousands."

Untitled 1-4 from The Stain Series
Light Jet Print – 24 x 24 2008

Stephanie Benassi is a VCU Arts Photography MFA candidate, nominated by her department to be a part of 1708 Gallery's Fourth Annual Graduate Artist Forum.

Aaron McIntosh: 1708 Graduate Artist Forum Nominee

Romance novel pages, gel medium. 17" x 20." 2008.

Aaron McIntosh is a VCU MFA candidate in the Department of Craft and Material Studies, nominated by his department to be a part of 1708 Gallery's Fourth Annual Graduate Artist Forum.

Golnar Adili: 1708 Gallery Graduate Artist Student Nominee

Golnar Adili:
"This piece was born out of two previous interests of mine; the airplane as a vessel which separates the sensuous body from the void of the sky. The technical aspect of cutting and re-organizing different images was born out of my research fellowship to study the contrast between inside and outside spaces of Tehran due to the Islamic Republic's totalitarian control over the public lives of its citizens. To juxtapose inside and outside in one image, I cut images of inside and outside of windows and intermixed them to see the different spaces at once. These studies led to the Time collages presented. Here I fragmented consecutively taken photographs, and played with the density and expression of time in remounting the pixels on a grid. The result is of a slowly changing sky-scape through the airplane window documenting 12 seconds time at once. In other words, The final collage is a raster image of four minutely different photos intermixed homogeneously. In these collages, I'm interested in conveying a quiet sense of suspense, and a static explosion of time."

Golnar Adili is a fifth year post-baccalaureate art student at University of Virginia. She was nominated by her department to be a part of 1708 Gallery's Fourth Annual Graduate Artist Forum.

Andrea C. Donnelly: 1708's Graduate Artist Forum Nominee

Andrea C. Donnelly
"Typically I work in the format of large-scale weavings, using both the transparency and physicality of thread layered within image to create a quiet yet unavoidable body/spirit presence in space. The Forum Show has given me the opportunity to explore the elements I engage in my fiber work, specifically layering, line, and positive/negative space, on a different scale. The Systems Meditation Series is an intimate study of the intersections of natural and man-made pattern and disruption of pattern. Bricks and roots, library shelves, skin cells…these systems are reorganized, distilled into careful and curious white-on-black line drawings."

Andrea Donnelly is a VCU Craft and Material Studies MFA candidate, nominated by her department to be a part of 1708 Gallery's Fourth Annual Graduate Artist Forum.

Below: Quietly, Quietly
Size: 87" x 47"
Medium: Handwoven cotton, pigment-painted warp

Below: Systems Meditation 1
Size: 5” x 7”
Medium: scratch board

Hiromi Takizawa: 1708's Graduate Art Student Forum Nominee

Installation photographs of "Crossing the Pacific".

Hiromi Takizawa is an MFA candidate in VCU Arts Craft and Material Studies Department. She works primarily in glass and installation art and was nominated for inclusion in 1708 Gallery's Fourth Annual Graduate Artist Forum.

Jill Zevenbergen - 1708's Graduate Art Student Forum Nominee

Jill Zevenbergen: "My work reflects everyday, banal experience while simultaneously creating a new natural, reality. Photographs taken during road trips or walks capture usually unnoticed moments. The landscape is pared down to its essential forms and flattened to create geometric shapes and patterns The photographic images combined with the geometric residue, give both an intellectual and emotional analysis of the American landscape. These interventions create a surprise that forces a reprocessing of the information and help make sense of created and inhabited spaces.

Jill Zevenbergen is an MFA candidate at VCU's Department of Painting and Printmaking. She was nominated by her department to participate in the Fourth Annual Graduate Artist Forum at 1708 Gallery.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

In the Gallery Jan/Feb - Nichole Maury & Christopher Quirk


EXHIBITION DATES: January 9 - February 14, 2009

OPENING RECEPTION TO THE PUBLIC: January 9, 2009, 7-10 pm

1708 Gallery starts the New Year with an exhibition of paintings and prints by Christopher Quirk and Nichole Maury.

Christopher Quirk’s paintings are about the viewer’s experience. “Discordant components and qualities in each painting pose questions for the viewer, suspending resolution, and provide a
space for the viewer’s own meditations. The idea is to give, not tell, and for the painting to provide an experience that unfolds over time.”

Christopher Quirk lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. His paintings have been exhibited since 1990, in galleries both in the United States and abroad. He holds an M.F.A. in Painting from the Tyler School of Art in Rome and Philadelphia, and an M.A. in Liberal Education from the Graduate Institute of St. John’s College in Santa Fe.

Nichole Maury explores the now fine line between printmaking and drawing. She uses her own printed imagery as well as found printed materials in her work. She creates a new truth by
juxtaposing printed and drawn marks in order to serve her own need to establish order. “The result is a network of self-imposed, visual systems that live in fear of chaos, but are nonetheless
infiltrated by the attraction to disorder.”

Nichole Maury lives and works in Kalamazoo, MI where she is an Assistant Professor of Art and Coordinator of the Printmaking Area at Western Michigan University. She received her M.F.A. in Printmaking from the University of Iowa.

Refreshments at the Opening provided by Chipotle.

Nichole Maury

Christopher Quirk

Call 804.643.1708 for more information ....