Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Best Wearable Art Yet!

Wearable Art 9

That's what I kept hearing last night at Uber: Wearable Art #9. It was an tour de force of talent, design, humor and high spirits. I heard shouts of delight, whispers of awe, dumbstruck silence and intakes of breath followed by enthusiastic applause, whistles and shouts of encouragement and delighted laughter. It was really wonderful!

Tremendous thanks to all our generous sponsors, especially to Sally Brown, John Malinoski, La Difference International Furnishings, Rockfish Graphix, Nesbit, A Sharper Palate and the Bruce Ford Brown Charitable Trust, gratitude to our Wearable Art Judges and cheers and applause to our hard working Wearable Art Committee and event volunteers.

1708 Gallery's greatest thanks and deep appreciation are, of course, to the artists, designers and models who created the amazingly inspired and unforgettable wearable art!
Thanks go out to our stellar judges: Pam Reynolds, Kristen Caskey, Katie Ukrop, Sally Bowring, Heidi Story, Michael Taylor, Carole Garmon and Chris Humes. It had to be unbelievably difficult for the judges to decide, given the amount of outstanding work, but, decide they did, and here are the results:

Wearable Art Winners

Third Place - $200 Scholarship, given by Cindy Neuschwander, Jay Barrows and Heidi Story
goes to Zachary Monday for Silver Song Bird and White Figure

Second Place - $300
Scholarship, given by Chris English goes to Nedim Sudic for Mameha(squared)

First Place

$500 Scholarship
Given in memory of Theo Young, Chair of the VCU Fashion Design Department

1980-1988 by the Kephart Foundation goes to Sarah Perry for Stilted Modesty

Best in Show - $1,000 Scholarship, given by The Phoenix and Que Bella goes to Diana Cavanaugh for We Asians Love Our Rice

Honorable mentions went to:
Stuart Harnsberger for his Chicken Suits,

Amy Williams for her Über Spoon

and to Colleen Judge for Über Pop!

We appreciate and
applaud all our Wearable Art contestants and their models!

Lastly, Aimee Koch took millions of photos and she and I will get them posted very, very soon...


Anonymous said...

I want to see Diana Cavanaugh's work!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well now you can!
Goggle to your heart's content...

Anonymous said...

A phenomenal show. Kudos to everyone involved.