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The New Exhibition Season ...

2006-2007 Exhibition Season

FALL 2006

September 1 – September 29, 2006
Symbiosis: Sue Papa & Paula Owen
Painting & Ceramic Sculpture

October 6 – November 8, 2006

Drawings: Eleanor Rufty – Large Drawings
Bent: Craig Wedderspoon – Large Sculpture

November 11, 2006 Wearable Art 9: Uber

November 17 – December 16, 2006

Silent Night: Small Works Invitational 2006


January 12 – February 24, 2007
Ledelle Moe & Greg Streak
Large Sculpture & Video Installation
Curated by Heather McGuire

March 2 - 31, 2007 Annual Art Auction

April 6 – 28, 2007

Gordon Stettinius - Recent Photographs from the Road
Gareth Jones - Culturally and Geographically Transitional Drawings & Sculpture

May 4 – 26, 2007

Ted Coffey & Rebekah Wostrel - Audio and Media Interactive Installation
Joseph Lupo - Etchings and Drawings of Commodity Receipts

June 1 – July 28, 2007

Works by National, Regional, and Local Artists
Curated by N. Elizabeth Schlatter & Erling Sjovold

CONTACT: Aimee Koch, Gallery Administrator, akoch@1708gallery.org
details subject to change

P.O. Box 12520

319 West Broad Street Richmond, VA 23241
P. 804.643.1708

F. 804.643.7839
GALLERY HOURS T-F 11-5 Sat 1-5

2006-2007 Season -- Exhibition Descriptions

Symbiosis: Sue Papa and Paula Owen
Painting and Ceramic Sculpture
OPENING: Friday, September 1, from 7-10pm

Artists Paula Owen and Sue Papa please, provoke, confuse and challenge the viewer’s visceral connection to their work. Owen paints to leave the analytical and the rationale behind. Her alluring, multi-panel pieces comment on the multiple realties of our time, corresponding with an incongruity that details a tumultuous world. Papa’s ceramic sculptures are also both enticing and unnerving. An initial beauty provokes the viewer into a world of obscure meaning, blurring the lines between the familiar and the unknown.

Sue Papa, Wink (left)
Paula Owen, Petaled Relic (right)

Drawings: Eleanor Rufty - Large Drawings
Bent: Greg Wedderspoon- Large Sculpture OPENING: Friday, October 6, from 7-10pm

Eleanor Rufty’s large-scale drawings are based on fictional figurative imagery set in an elusive interior space, a motif consistent in Rufty’s work since 1980. Drawing from memory, Rufty explores the nature of visual memory; it is gradual, amorphous and fallible. Rufty’s charcoal drawings emphasize the linear element. Lines are made directly and repeatedly, establishing a mood derived through erasure.

The sculpture of Craig Wedderspoon is a cycle of asking and discovering solutions to a problem. Wedderspoon’s sculpture is activated with the dialogue of visual problem solving. His work represents a visual philosophy, constantly issuing aesthetic challenges toward interpretation, perspective, and approach.

Craig Wedderspoon, Shimmy (left)

Eleanor Rufty, Untitled No. 93 (right)

Silent Night: Small Works Invitational 2006
Chairs: Travis Fullerton, Diego Sanchez, Mary Scurlock, and Rob Tarbell
OPENING: First Friday reception, December 1, from 7-10pm
GALA RECEPTION: Saturday, December 16th, from 7-10pm

Silent Night is a new take on 1708 Gallery’s popular Small Works Benefit.
The exhibit will feature petite work by some of the region’s top artists.
The exhibition culminates in a grand silent auction gala which will
determine who takes home some of the most cutting-edge artwork in
the region.

JANUARY 12 - FEBRUARY 24, 2007
Ledelle Moe & Greg Streak: Large Sculpture & Video Installation
Curated by Heather McGuire
OPENING: Friday, January 12 from 7-10pm

This exhibition will feature exciting new work by Ledelle Moe and Greg Streak.

South African sculptor Ledelle Moe explores her identity through reinterpretation of past experiences via memory and imagination. Her colossal sculptures invoke the tensions between the powerful and the powerless, and permanence and impermanence. Her violent treatment of surface and use of rough materials creates a monumental vulnerability rich in its contradictions and emotional complexity.

Greg Streak’s work is also closely tied to the South African culture and a constant questioning and dissection of identity. His video projections reach between abstraction and representation. Meticulously planned and carefully meditated, his works are ambiguous and evocative engagements with philosophy highlighted by a dash of irony and subversion.

Ledelle Moe, Collapse

MARCH 2 - 31, 2007
Annual Art Auction
Chairs: Anna von Gehr and Rob Tarbell
OPENING: Friday, March 2, from 7-10pm
AUCTION: March 31, 2006

This annual benefit features some of the finest work by the region’s top
artists. In addition to raising funds for the gallery, the auction provides a
venue for Richmond’s collectors to connect with contemporary art and
support regional artists.

APRIL 6 - 28, 2007
Gordon Stettinius - Recent Photographs from the Road
Gareth Jones - Culturally and Geographically Transitional Drawings & Sculpture
OPENING: Friday, April 6, from 7-10pm

Gordon Stettinius’ work represents selections from his Miss Americana portfolio. His fascination with kitsch and roadside culture evokes the underlying concerns of family, friends and mortality, lightened with a dose of dark humor.

Gareth Jones explores aspects of faith, knowledge and reason. Unframed works on paper respond to the space, serving as primary evidence of his process. Assembled together the work becomes drawings on the gallery walls. Combined with cast forms and framed images the individual pieces form an installation. Gareth will move to Richmond specifically for this project and his work will grow out of his time experiencing local culture.

Gordon Stettinius, Battle of Gaines Mill (left)

Gareth Jones, Ourselves When We Are Real (right)

MAY 4 - 26, 2007
Ted Coffey & Rebekah Wostrel - Audio and Media Interactive Installation
Joseph Lupo - Etchings and Drawings of Commodity Receipts
OPENING: Friday, May 4, from 7-10pm

Ted Coffey and Rebekah Wostrel collaborate to create paper porcelain and sound sculptures. Their interactive work fascinates viewers as they translate light and movement into a responsive sound environment.

Joseph Lupo’s work explores the intersection of documentation, communication, and reproduction. His clever hand-made receipts are a thought-provoking catalogue of buying habits. He claims “On one level, my reproductions of receipts can be described as a metaphor for deconstructionist theories of a stable language and a stable self. At the same time, I think receipts can make a socially significant statement about consumer society.” The show, whether directly or indirectly, asks the viewers to participate, reflect and question. Undoubtedly, one is asked to revisit what exactly art is and can be.

Ted Coffey & Rebekah Wostrel, Ping (left)

Joseph Lupo, 11-24-01 (right)

JUNE 1 - JULY 28, 2007
Curated by N. Elizabeth Schlatter & Eric Sjovold
OPENING: Friday, June 1, from 7-10pm

The artworks in PLANE TEXT slip between text and plane to create new hybrids in two and three dimensions. Resisting reductive identifications, the works are not easily classified. They explore the tension between planes while considering the role of text as a form and form as text. The works self-consciously reference history, culture, memory and art itself, hinting at questions of globalism and multiculturalism. The curators’ selections were based on the work’s effect on the viewer visually, intellectually and emotionally. After two years of curatorial research, the concepts uniting the artists have emerged and continue to provoke new discussions.

Artists: Kell Alexander Black (Clarkesville, TN), Philip Brou (Columbus, OH), Hsin-Hsi Chen (Rockville, MD), Brighamn Dimick (Edwardsville, IL), Aylene Fallah (Arlington, VA), Suzanna Fields (Richmond, VA), Ron Johnson (Richmond, VA), Chris Lesnewski (New Jersey City, NJ), Martha MacLeish (Bloomington, IN), Ben Prangerr (Roanoke, VA), Ann Rentschler (Baltimore, MD), and Claire Watkins (New York, NY)

Plane Text: Suzanna Fields, Shaggy


Ted Coffey currently teaches in the music department at the University of Virginia. He has been distinguished with the Josephine de Karman Fellowship, the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Research Affiliate award, the Naumberf Fellowship and other awards. He also serves on the Board of the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States and the International Computer Music Conference Music Adjudication Board.

Gareth Jones holds an MFA from the University of Knoxville, TN and a BA in Fine Art from the University of Fundee, Scotland UK. His most recent project brought him to Japan where his residency earned him several solo exhibitions in the country. He also works as a part-time teacher and lecturer of the English Language.

Joseph Lupo is a West Virginia based artist and Assistant Professor of Art at West Virginia University. He studied printmaking at the University of Georgia where he earned an BFA and Bradley University where he earned a MFA. He has recently relocated to West Virginia from Chicago and has already been widely exhibited and published in the region.

Ledelle was born in Durban, South Africa. There she received her art training from Technikon Natal where she graduated in 1993. She later moved to the United States and received an MFA in sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. She has had exhibitions in Durban, Petoria, Stockholm, New York, Washington and Baltimore. She has also taught at the Corcoran College of Art in Washington DC, Virginia Commonwealth University, St. Mary’s College of Maryland and the Maryland Institute College of Art.

Paula Owen received a MFA in Painting and Printmaking from VCU and a MS in Art Education from Minnesota State University. Owen is an active art professional, having served as Executive Director of Richmond’s Hand Workshop (now Visual Arts Center) for 11 years. She currently lives in San Antonio, Texas and serves as President and CEO of the Southwest School of Art and Craft. Owen most recently exhibited her work at Joan Grona Gallery in San Antonio, Texas and at the McLean Project for the Arts in McLean, Virginia.

Sue Papa holds a BA in Art History from Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio. Papa’s work is exhibited nationally. Her most recent exhibitions include “Protology” at McLean Project for the Arts in McLean, Virginia. Her work has been featured in numerous ceramics publications including “Surface Decoration for Low Fire Ceramics” by Lynn Peters, and “Ceramics Monthly Magazine”.

Eleanor Rufty recently received the Theresa Pollack Prize for Excellence in the Arts. She earned a BFA from Richmond Professional Institute (now VCU) and was awarded a Fine Arts Medal. Rufty’s extensive national and international exhibition record includes shows at Instuto Cultural Peruano Norteamerico in Lima, Peru and D.T.W Gallery in New York. In 1995, the Richmond Women’s Caucus for Art named Eleanor Rufty Virginia Artist of the Year.

An artist Board Member since 2000, Gordon Stettinius has played an integral role in 1708 Gallery. He served as President in 2004-2005 and Chair of Public Relations in 2005-2006, his dedication and enthusiasm are remarkable. His accomplishments as an artist are equally impressive with exhibitions across the nation. He has twice been the recipient of the Golden Light Award Print Competition. His work has also been featured in several publications including several cover art pieces. He is currently teaching at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Greg Streak is an artist, writer, and curator living in Durban, South Africa. He received his MFA from the Art School at the Durban Institute of Technology and attended the prestigious Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten (art academy) in the Netherlands between 1997-1998. He is the founder of PULSE, an artist run initiative that networks artists in developing countries with the Rijksakademie in Holland. He has exhibited both nationally and internationally and written for numerous publications.

Craig Wedderspoon received a MFA in sculpture from VCU and a BFA from Florida International University. He has twice been the recipient of a Research Advisory Committee Grant from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Wedderspoon’s work has been exhibited internationally, including exhibits in China and Turkey. His extensive national exhibition record includes recent shows at the Cultural Arts Center in Upper Arlington, Ohio and the Wright Art Center at Delta State University in Mississippi.

Rebekah Wostrel holds a MFA in Ceramics from Pennsylvania State College and a BA in Anthropology from Smith College. She has taught several ceramics classes at Germanna Community College, St Joseph’s University, Harvard University, Princeton University, The University of Pennsylvania and the University of California at Berkeley. She was selected for the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Individual Fellowship and has also been the recipient of several research grants and residencies including a Fulbright Fellowship for travel to Indonesia in 1998.


A former 1708 Board Member, McGuire holds a PHD in Art History from Virginia Commonwealth University. She serves as a Trustee for the University of Virginia Class of 1989 where she earned a BA in English. Her professional experience includes both legal and artistic channels. She is also an established sculptor in her own artistic pursuits.

N. Elizabeth Schlatter serves as the Deputy Director and Curator of Exhibitions at the University of Richmond Museums. Her impressive resume of curatorial experience includes work at the Smithsonian Institution, the Washington Project for the Arts/Corcoran, and the Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center. She is widely published and has authored and presented articles and papers across the nation.

Holding a MFA from the School of Art Institute of Chicago and BA from the University of California at Berkeley, Sjovold offers his unique perspective as an artist, educator and curator. He is currently an Associate Professor in Painting and Drawing at the University of Richmond. His work has earned him several residences, research grants, and exhibitions including honors from the Marie Walsh Sharpe Foundation, the National Center for the Humanities Jessie Ball duPont Summer Seminar Fellowship, and the Georgia Council for the Arts.

1708 Gallery is a non-profit exhibition and peformance space committed to expanding the understanding, development and appreciation of contemporary art.

For more information contact:
Aimee Koch, Gallery Administrator



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