Thursday, July 13, 2006

Come and Participate in Black Factory Performance

Martin Bromirski at anaba has been spreading the word about The Black Factory's national tour and its first visit to Richmond at the ArtSpace/Plant Zero/Artworks complex. The performance/happening will be from 1-5pm today, Thursday, July 13th, 2006.

The brainchild of artist William Pope, The Black Factory is an interactive performance art installation on wheels, the goal being a playfully intense discussion of difference and democracy.

According to Pope, "The Black Factory does not make blackness, it makes the opportunity - the chance to imagine the future we'd like instead of the one imposed on us. The factory is a conversation piece on wheels, It's a chance for folks to open up their hearts and minds, laugh and talk freely, maybe even disagree about what brings us together as well as what divides us."
You can visit The Black Factory website:
You can also visit anaba, at

Everyone is invited to bring an object that symbolizes any sort of blackness to you to the event for the Black Factory to photograph, transform and perhaps center a skit around.

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