Sunday, June 25, 2006

See the little blue bar at the very bottom of the page?

I've installed a stat counter for our blog. It shows not only how many hits our blog is getting, but also the search terms that have led people to the blog, how long they stayed, where they are from, how many are repeat visitors and how many are unique and other information too. It records the last 100 hits on the site for free. I enabled the controls so that everyone can see - just press the stat counter button. Big thanks to Martin from for showing me how to do this.
So far we've had visitors from Spain, Australia and India!

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blog master said...

If I could access the 1708 blog template I would be happy to add a section for links to other art blogs, the VCA, our photoalbums, etc. For some reason the dashboard for this blog does not include a template heading.