Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Andrea C. Donnelly: 1708's Graduate Artist Forum Nominee

Andrea C. Donnelly
"Typically I work in the format of large-scale weavings, using both the transparency and physicality of thread layered within image to create a quiet yet unavoidable body/spirit presence in space. The Forum Show has given me the opportunity to explore the elements I engage in my fiber work, specifically layering, line, and positive/negative space, on a different scale. The Systems Meditation Series is an intimate study of the intersections of natural and man-made pattern and disruption of pattern. Bricks and roots, library shelves, skin cells…these systems are reorganized, distilled into careful and curious white-on-black line drawings."

Andrea Donnelly is a VCU Craft and Material Studies MFA candidate, nominated by her department to be a part of 1708 Gallery's Fourth Annual Graduate Artist Forum.

Below: Quietly, Quietly
Size: 87" x 47"
Medium: Handwoven cotton, pigment-painted warp

Below: Systems Meditation 1
Size: 5” x 7”
Medium: scratch board

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