Saturday, March 29, 2008

Websites that GET IT.

1708 is planning a homepage redesign. Here are some places that might provide some reference for trends on the Web. You probably already know how useful resources like Google, Youtube, and Wikipedia can be. Here are more online resources, with very short blurb descriptions.. Great content in each link as well.
great blogging and networking site.

for all your photo organizing needs.

video sharing done the right way.

an amazing art historical archive of sounds, words, and visions.

amazingly visionary presentations.

more fantastic talks.

I only wish that more radio was as good as these shows. Lots of great neuroscience over the last few seasons.

a wonderful geeky small scale (4 main writers) group blog. Quirky, often politically-engaged fun.

brilliant curating of art -related links.

this final group has connections to the majority of the other links in this list. For example look at the licenses on TED, or the options for how you can license your pics on Flickr.


Justin said...

any ideas on why the link for Francis Mckee doesn't work? I can find it on my computer but every time I post that link it doesn't work.

Fiona Ross said...

Works for me...