Saturday, March 15, 2008

3D Multiples: The Object of Production

March 7 - 29th

In conjunction with Command Print: The Southern Graphics Council Conference hosted by the VCU Department of Painting and Printmaking

Command Print Reception (open to the public): MARCH 28, 2008, 6-10 PM

Cart Corrals by Matt King

Six artists –Hope Ginsburg, Brian Goeltzenleuchter, Akiko Jackson, Sue Johnson, Matt King, Jack Risley - were chosen to exhibit in this show that speaks of the printing process within a 3D world. This manufacturing of the art object references many of the early minimalists such as Dan Flavin and later object-makers such as Felix Gonzalez-Torres and even Dada - Duchamp's use of ready-mades as in his Twelve Hundred Coal Bags piece. This exhibit presents the art object in multiples, in the light of mass production, hand made; and opens the dialog of the relationship of printed material to a repetitive process within object making while adding some fun "flavors" for the visual mix.

3D Multiples Press Release - CLICK TO OPEN

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