Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rafiya Naim: Undergraduate Forum Nominee

"By separating lips from all connection to the body, I exploited the images, forcing viewers to focus on this sensual and suggestive body part. The abstract qualities take this idea of lips to a whole other level. The grotesque, multitude number and seedy lighting of images adds yet another influence to the viewers’ perception of the piece. "

The photograph below was taken by Rafiya Naim in Pakistan shortly after the riots that followed the assassination of Benazir Bhutto:

"I am a princess. You are a princess. All girls are.
With girls and myself growing up under the influence of Disney Princess’s, how can one think anything else? Aurora, Jasmine, Belle and Ariel, floating amongst fluffy white clouds and sparkly jewels, are princess’s young girls emulate, dress up and want to be. Transcending and surpassing their status as fictional children story characters; they have risen to a global iconic presence. Their presence has been and will continue impacting generations of girls to come."

Rafiya Naim is an undergraduate art student at the University of Richmond and will be graduating this year.

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I would love to see more of these.

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