Friday, March 21, 2008

Kathleen Crabill: Undergraduate Forum Nominee

I am a serious hand puppeteer.

"Out and About With Pete"
I made this piece so that I could take my fish, Pete, with me on day trips. He often gets bored and lonely sitting in his tank all day. When I come home he always swims around excitedly. He really enjoyed going to school with me.
This piece was a device to protect and house seeds. I feel that seeds are symbolic of potential and new life. They are so beautiful, vulnerable and valuable that I felt the need to build them a home in which to live until they are ready to sprout.

"Fungus Drawing"

This piece is an exploration of drawing in three dimensions. I use blown glass tubes to create drawings on the wall that seem to hover above the surface. I am inspired by fungus and growth.

Kathleen Crabill is an undergraduate artist at Virginia Commonwealth University, in the Department of Craft and Material Studies.


Anonymous said...

That ring is badass!!!!!!!

eyembradnow said...

Is "Out and About" glass??? How fragile is that piece? I love the idea of adornment that allows you to take a fish walking with you ... You should take it to the dog park and just stand there ... maybe throw a ball up and down in front of your fish ...

LindsayHeyHey said...


Your work is fabulous. I would love to see more!

Kathleen said...

Hello, thank you for your comments! Yes, "Out and About" is glass. It is very sturdy though. The weight rests in a way that does not stress the glass.
I have gone outside with him, he seemed to enjoy it... but being in direct sun is too much.. shade is good though!
I will have a website soon, to show the larger body of my work. Thanks for your support!

Fiona Ross said...

Kathleen - do you make prints of your photos with Pete in "out and about"? I would love to get one...

Kathleen said...

I would be glad to sell you a print, Fiona!