Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hank West: Undergraduate Forum nominee

Hank West - Undergraduate class of 2010

“Making Waves”- W. Hank West 2006
Three images of my muddling with water
These three images (on display in the Capital One Exhibition) are based in the idea of exerting control in a virtual space. Through digital image manipulation, I place micro-worlds in my hands and insert my influence over them. While they are a little on the megalomaniacal side, I enjoyed working with these ideas and images.

Pneumatiphonic Drum Piano” - W. Hank West, 2007.
This project exists somewhere between video documentation, sculpture and music. Constructed from materials predominately acquired from hardware stores, this percussion instrument is fueled by pressurized air and handmade pistons striking small drums and other assorted items. By nature of its name and construction, “Pneumatiphonic Drum Piano” is an exercise in overt complexity to facilitate simple input and output.
My desire to explore sound through an instrument constructed from common hardware materials stems from my experience with pneumatics while working on a robotics team in high school and my combined training with electronic keyboard and percussion. This project would not be possible without the support and influence of my parents, professor Jermey Drummond, professor Mark Rhodes, Phil Hayes, my high school physics teacher Timothy Couillard and all my past music teachers.

Pneumatiphonic Piano Drum

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