Friday, November 16, 2007

SIDE STREETS opens tonite!

The new Glave Kocen Gallery is featuring a new exhibition of Richmond Artists, sponsored by Richmond Magazine. SIDE STREETS opens Friday, November 16 at 7pm and it features the work of the artists listed below.

Mehmet Sahin Altug,
Andras Bality,
Melissa Burgess,
Adam Ewing,
Kimberly Frost,
Steve Hedberg,
Sterling Hundley,
Matt Lively,
Laura Loe,
Robert Meganck,
Amie Oliver,
Jay Paul,
Louis Poole,
Keith Ramsey,
Fiona Ross,
Jeff Saxman,
Gordon Stettinius,
Chris Smith,
Doug Thompson,
Ed Trask,
Sarah Walor,
Steven Walker,
Robert Young

A portion of the proceeds of this exhibition will benefit ART 180.

1708's Rob Tarbell will be showing his latest work "Struggles" at ADA Gallery, reception tonight from 6-8pm. Go and see his new porcelain sculptures - they are FREAKYGOOD!

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