Thursday, January 25, 2007

Present, Past and Future Tense

Lately I've been contacted by the 1708 staff regarding images, facts and figures of early events at 1708. The secret is out... we don't throw things away in our house! Style Weekly is in the process of producing a special anniversary 25th Anniversay issue and 1708 is also looking back so we can look forward and plan accordingly... 1708's 30th Anniversary is on the horizon!

As 1708 and Style undertake their missions we've been asked to dig through the Oliver/Kollatz archive. Harry proudly produced this in five minutes flat:

If you click on the image it will zoom large enough for you to read it. There aren't many photographs of this controversial window, installed at 1708 E. Main in 1990 by Carlos Gutierrez-Solana.

My sources tell me that the photographer from the Richmond Review DASHED to Shockoe Bottom to take this photograph before the window was censored by local authorities.

I don't think I am the only one who misses Lydia Douce, the acclaimed critic who wrote this piece. Lydia, where are you? I MISS you!

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