Monday, October 16, 2006

FORUM: Amy Chan

Amy Chan, VCU: Artist Statement

My paintings portray the "new ecosystems" that are created in America as a result of the close crowding of human development and nature. By pairing big box stores with species of displaced North American mammals or traces of their habitats, my paintings question the American attitude towards nature and suburban sprawl.

The fragmented landmasses that occur frequently in my work are related to my notions of suburban landscape, particularly those of the East Coast. They are crowded areas where homes, wetlands, strip malls and 18th century graveyards all occupy the same space.

My process involves the gathering and implementation of appropriated imagery from a variety of sources. Because my work is essentially about the American landscape, travel and road trips are a large part of my research, along with my continuing interest in logos, architecture, scientific illustration and pattern.

Amy Chan is a graduate student at VCU Painting and Printmaking and participated in October 14th's Forum at 1708 Gallery.
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You can see more of her art here and here and here.

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Anonymous said...

I love this stuff so much I'd wallpaper a room with it.