Tuesday, September 12, 2006

1999 WART - send your proposals in now for 2006's UBER

If you haven't attended Wearable Art before these images illustrate a lively event full of surprises and creative expression.
A few familiar faces from Wearable Art 1999, clockwise -
a. Model Niabi Caldwell backstage
b. Is Barbi wearing the red wig or the red wig
wearing many Barbis?
c. WART judge Jocelyn Senn, Master of Ceremonies Harry Kollatz, Jr and guest Tess Cummins
d. Backstage with the beauty professionals
e. Pam Fox and Joan Gaustad present for the pre-event sponsor's cocktail party
f. A model waiting for her cue

1 comment:

eyembradnow said...

That image of Harry, Jossi, and Tess ROCKS!!! ... Somtimes I wish I were Harry ...