Friday, April 03, 2009

on view: "Garden of Earthly Delights" at the Linden Row Inn

Garden of Earthly Delights celebrates the rites of spring and the cyclical nature of creativity. The exhibition includes a series of globes created by noted artists to commemorate 1708 Gallery's thirtieth anniversary as well as sculpture, painting and drawing. Please note 100 percent of the sale each globe will benefit 1708 Gallery's Exhibitions and Educational Programming. This exhibition is free and open to the public through May 24. The satellite exhibitions at 1708 reflect the nature of Richmond. It is a city of contemporary art and artists who pursue their work in a historic setting.

Please visit this link for biographical info on each artist and detailed photos of each globe depicted in this exhibition. Stay tuned for an announcement of a special Earth Day Event in the lovely courtyard of the Linden Row Inn.

Crows by Mark Chatterly
installed in the courtyard of the Linden Row Inn.

Work by the following artists is featured in
Garden of Earthly Delights:

Sally Bowring
Courtesy of Reynolds Gallery
Fiona Ross
Courtesy of ADA Gallery
Michael Pierce
Harry Kollatz, Jr.
JoAnne Fridley
Greig Leach
Sandra Luckett
Rosemary Jesionowsky
Carolyn Henne
Kathryn Henry-Choisser
Ruth Bolduan
Kelly Gotschalk
Julyen Norman
Terrie Powers Miller
Tom Chenoweth
Lynn Murphy
Sarah Clark
Amie Oliver
Matt Lively
Mark Chatterly
Courtesy of Glave-Kocen Gallery
Sayaka Suzuki

Julyen Norman's Globe for 1708

Harry Kollatz's Pathfinder installed underneath
Float #2 by Fiona Ross

Greig Leach's On Top of the World

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