Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Are you interested in 1708 Artist Board Membership?

Would you like to be an Artist Board member of 1708 Gallery?

1708 is one of the oldest artist run galleries in the USA. We are a board driven organization in that we have a small staff and most all of our exhibitions and events are organized and run by 1708 board members and volunteers. Its the kind of place where you will meet and socialize with many different kinds of artists and art professionals, have fun and be a part of an organization that makes things happen.

1708 has survived close to thirty years of political trends and local politics by partnering with professionals in our local community as board members, by demanding a level of excellence in our exhibition program and by creating events which spark our culture's interest in contemporary art. In addition to serving on event and exhibition committees each board member takes a turn bartending at openings, gallery sitting and pledges to pay annual dues of $300. a year. Some artists choose to pay their dues in one lump sum, others pay it monthly and still others have it deducted from their commission when they sell artwork at our annual art auction.

Artists interested in serving on 1708's Artist Board membership are asked to mail the Artist Matters Committee a proposal to be considered for membership. The proposal should include a CD of 20 images of recent art work, a slide list which includes titles, size, media and year, an artist statement, a resume that includes your website and an introductory letter
stating your interest in becoming an artist member of 1708. Please note that 1708's Artist Board strives to maintain a membership that reflects a contemporary approach to art making, curatorial issues and a knowledge of current art world trends.

Thank you again for your interest in 1708. I look forward to meeting you at our next opening! Please feel free to contact the gallery if you have questions about 1708 Artist Membership.

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