Tuesday, October 10, 2006


1708 Gallery is pleased to present the graduate student FORUM on October 14th, beginning at 5pm at 1708 Gallery. This year, for the first time, the event will be open to the public.

The Virginia Invitational Forum for Art Students (THE FORUM) is a newly expanded semi-annual invitational for graduate and undergraduate art students from Virginia¹s colleges and universities. Students are nominated by their departments and invited to present their most recent work for critique by their peers, professional artists, curators and community members.

THE FORUM on October 14, will feature nominated students from James Madison University, University of Virginia, and Virginia Commonwealth University.

Participating students include:
From UVA: Maggie Sullivan and Britta Bielak
From JMU: Dave Bascom and Daniel Robinson
From VCU: Painting and Printmaking: Amy Chan and Valerie Molnar
From VCU: Photography: Amanda Sauer and Vita Litvak.

THE FORUM seeks to honor emerging artists with the opportunity to engage in critical art dialogue with members of the art community. This promises to be an extraordinary slide show and discussion where each student will show work and speak about processes and influences. This year¹s event will be moderated by Professor Carole Garmon from the University of Mary Washington and by N. Elizabeth Schlatter, Deputy Director and Curator of Exhibitions, University of Richmond Museums. Ms. Garmon is a practicing artist who helped start the Slide Slam tradition that grew into THE FORUM. Ms. Schlatter will co-curate the exhibition Plane Text at 1708 Gallery in June-July 2007.

1708 Gallery is especially pleased to offer this year¹s FORUM students a group show at
Capital One Headquarters in Richmond, Virginia. This is the first time the gallery has been able to specifically offer FORUM participants the opportunity to be in a show. 1708 is grateful to Capital One for offering this exciting partnership.

1708 Gallery' Education & Outreach is chaired by Fiona Donaghey Ross.

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