Friday, September 15, 2006

Thinking About Art

Last Call!

The blog Thinking About Art, has a series called Artists Interview Artists that is really wonderful and thought provoking. All artists out there should think about doing this. J.T. Kirkland, who runs the blog, has put out a final call for interviewers/interviewees. I participated recently and had a great time thinking about what I'd like to ask another artist, as well as answering the questions posed to me.

I cut and pasted the following from Thinking About Art, Friday, September 15, 2006:

"The Artists Interview Artists Project has, in my opinion, been a huge success. The first interview was posted on June 7, 2005 and in total thus far there have been 81 interviews. A few months ago I posted an almost last call for participants in the project and the response was great. This is a real last call announcement. If you want to participate in the Artists Interview Artists Project, please send me an email,

I am hoping that we can get the total number of interviews up to 100.

There are no restrictions on this project... you can live anywhere in the world and you can make any type of art.

My last project was published in book form (The One Word Project) and I hope to have more exciting news about it soon. With luck and a little bit of support, I hope the the AIA Project has even more success after its Web incarnation.

Wanna participate? Email J.T. ! Last chance!"

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