Monday, September 18, 2006

Paper View(s) closes on Sept 20 at Plant Zero

Don't miss your last chance to see Paper View(s), recent work on paper by Gregg Carbo, Don Crow and Amie Oliver, who all have long time affiations with 1708 Gallery as artist members and exhibiting artists. "Paper View(s)" will close at 6pm on Wednesday, September 20. Please visit Plant Zero's website for more information on the Project Space Gallery.

Gregg Carbo, Don Crow and Amie Oliver maintain their practice as "makers" regardless of where they are working or whatever else is going on in their life. This exhibition reveals ideas in progress, in process and in between. It's a little like looking backward and forward between their various solo exhibitions. No manifestos here- but a glimpse into the process of making and thinking about where their work is going and why.

All three artists use paper as part of their creative process regardless of the materials used in the completion of a work. Don's collage "pictures" likely grew from his habit of making small postcard-sized pieces that were the seed of Crow's larger oil paintings. Gregg's work, whether on or off paper or utilizing other materials synthesizes an austere beauty with the an unlikely response to found objects, textures and surfaces that is often worked out on paper

Amie finds her inspiration from timeless icons of art history that she visits in museums then takes into her studio as welcomed friends. They create a resonance in her life that is always open to new materials, periods or styles. She may work on linen, styrofoam or panel, but paper is always part of her process of discovery.

Amie arrived in Richmond a few days prior to "Paper View(s)" scheduled opening and remarked: "Everyone associated with this exhibition did a beautiful job. I think the resulting show is an interesting exploration of how we three approach the materiality of paper and even
though I have known Gregg and Don's work for more years than I am willing to say, I am still discovering similarities and differences in our approach that I did not realize before. I guess that's what keeps me interested." -HEK

After visiting Paper View(s) please note that on September 22 (two short days later!) Brad Birchett's "Matter of Time" will completely transform the Project Space at Plant Zero. For more information please read the following post. Hope to see you there!

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