Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Golnar Adili: 1708 Gallery Graduate Artist Student Nominee

Golnar Adili:
"This piece was born out of two previous interests of mine; the airplane as a vessel which separates the sensuous body from the void of the sky. The technical aspect of cutting and re-organizing different images was born out of my research fellowship to study the contrast between inside and outside spaces of Tehran due to the Islamic Republic's totalitarian control over the public lives of its citizens. To juxtapose inside and outside in one image, I cut images of inside and outside of windows and intermixed them to see the different spaces at once. These studies led to the Time collages presented. Here I fragmented consecutively taken photographs, and played with the density and expression of time in remounting the pixels on a grid. The result is of a slowly changing sky-scape through the airplane window documenting 12 seconds time at once. In other words, The final collage is a raster image of four minutely different photos intermixed homogeneously. In these collages, I'm interested in conveying a quiet sense of suspense, and a static explosion of time."

Golnar Adili is a fifth year post-baccalaureate art student at University of Virginia. She was nominated by her department to be a part of 1708 Gallery's Fourth Annual Graduate Artist Forum.

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