Friday, March 14, 2008

James Dean Erickson - Undergraduate Forum Nominee

"My work brings forth the weathered faces of poverty. The inconsistencies of a homeless man's life and the fragility of my materials (cardboard), are overshadowed by an enduring friendship and spiritual connection I share with whom I paint. Surrendering my artistic talent to the portrayal of the needy enables me to contribute to the restoration of their lost and broken dignity.""Putting a name and a face to the disadvantaged moves people closer to the unsettling levels of homelessness found within our affluent community. The extensive color palate and immense scale represents the complexity and value of each individual. My work does not offer an end to poverty. These portraits rest in the possibility that viewers might personally acknowledge these invisible citizens with compassion that moves beyond flipping a coin to a beggar."

James Dean Erickson is an undergraduate art student at the University of Virginia.


Anonymous said...

James Dean Erickson "Lives on the Lawn" and wants to be a big city mayor when he grows up.

Anonymous said...

Be proud of your kids...I am! (D. Erickson)

Matt Blazer said...

James: thanks for what you do. I run a Gallery in St. Louis. If you ever travel we would love to display your important and powerful work.

James Erickson said...

This sounds like a great opportunity. Please contact me soon at 734-740-2017 or