Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Katie Laub: Undergraduate Forum Nominee

"I discovered an amazing, wonderful creature living inside of me, or rather it discovered me...or I discovered myself.  It all happened through a series of exchanged elements and excited interactions in side my head.  How indescribable is the wonder of these microscopic monsters living inside my head, allowing my brain to function, my thoughts to wander,  A neuron.  I know little of their existence.  But, I know there are millions up there all working together and I know that just a single neuron in itself is such an amazing complex structure and without them I would not be able to think, do, live..."

Above: "Synapse" glass, 2007

The true essence of God, or if there is no god, the truth of this life, this existence is not conceivable to the human mind.  Ho human can know the truth, one can have faith, but no once can have ultimate truth.  What if there was a way to know, to answer the unanswerable question of life?  What if the answer was as close (or as far away) as the end of a simple number? A number with no consecutive pattern, no feasible ending.  An infinite number, Pi.  If one was to fid this ending, could it hold the answer?  One can only wonder. 

Above: An Endless Number, glass, 2007

Katie Laub is an undergraduate artist in VCU Arts Department of Craft and Material Studies.

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