Monday, April 16, 2007

Upcoming Exhibition

Absorption & Flow: Ted Coffey and Rebekah Wostrel

May 4, 2007: Joseph Lupo

OPENING: Friday, May 4 from 7-10pm

1708 Gallery will feature the work of Ted Coffey and Rebekah Wostrel: Absorption and Flow and Joseph Lupo: May 4, 2007 during the month of May.

This exhibition invites viewers to participate in, reflect upon and question the art and to question what exactly art is and can be. Porcelain and sound come together in the rich collaborations of ceramicist Rebekah Wostrel and sound artist Ted Coffey. Absorption and Flow features collaborative works where the viewers’ interaction completes the pieces and individual works that stretch the boundaries of the imagination.

Joseph Lupo’s work explores the intersection of documentation, communication, and reproduction. His hand-made receipts are a thought-provoking catalogue of buying habits, leading viewers to ask questions about language, consumption, and art. Since he only reproduces receipts that he has received, Lupo explains that “this body of work seen together can also be viewed as a consumer self-portrait.” But he warns that the complexities of assumptions made about both the stores and the consumer can be misleading and that “in this
context, no one true definition of myself can ever be secured.”

Image, top: Joseph Lupo, ink on paper

Image, below: Wostrel and Coffey, porcelain and sound installation

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