Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Auction Will Go On!!

1708's A La Mode Annual Auction will be held on March 31st, as scheduled!
Sponsorship tickets for $125.00 and regular tickets for $60.00 are available.

As our phones and electricity are still down from Sunday's fire on our block (see previous post), please send ticket payment to: 1708 Gallery, PO Box 12520, Richmond, VA 23241.
You can contact our Gallery Administrator, Aimee Koch via email: akoch@1708gallery.org.

And if you can donate any funds to help with our recover efforts, we would be very grateful.
Please send any donations, earmarked "March 11 Fire" to the same address as above...thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks to all our stand-up people at 1708 and all our friends for pulling together at this time!