Friday, December 01, 2006

Meet 1708'sNewest Board Members

Cindy Neuschwander and Margaret Hays, and Ashley Silverburg and Maureen Neal

Chris English, Aimee Koch and Beth Morchower

Last night at 1708 Gallery we got to meet some of our new board members. Ashley Silverburg, Allison Andrews, Margaret Hays and Beth Morchower were able to come to the reception. You can tell from my very excellent photos that they are smart AND good looking!

Allison Andrews and Katherine Henry-Choisser

We look forward to meeting Lucy Meade, Rob McAdams, Courtney Dauer and Tonya Kestner soon.

Maria and Maureen discuss gardening.

Maria Dubon and Margaret Hays

Allison Andrews, radiant!

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