Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Wish you could have seen Wearable Art: Uber?

Diana Cavanaugh's creation "We Asians Love Our Rice"
Best In Show
Wearable Art #9: UBER

Well, your wish came true this time (maybe you should make another wish just in case it works again, or buy a lotto ticket).

Aimee got an email today from Richmond film maker and comedian Odyssey Michaels who made a recording of the Wearable Art #9: Uber event on Saturday night. He very kindly gave us the link to his post on YouTube.

Click here to see the show - models, designers, party-goers, Starr Foster Dance and all the fun.

And let us here at 1708 Gallery know how you liked the show!


Anonymous said...

Loved the show. Had a terrific time. My favorite event in Richmond.

So tell us more about the hottie who jumped off the runway.

Anonymous said...

What did he do when he jumped off stage?

Anonymous said...

The artist/model "popped" the collar of an audience member. His Wearable Art piece was made of entirely "popped collars...."Uber Pop".

Anonymous said...

Had a great time!

I thought it was
"We Asians LOVE Our Rice" not like. Im confused.

Anonymous said...

Oop, the blog elf messed with that. I'll fix it.