Monday, July 10, 2006

Western Exposure

Working closely with Francis Thompson and Anne Cook from Capital One, gallery board members Chuck Scalin and Alyssa Salomon and gallery staff members Maria Dubon and Aimee Koch organized the premier 1708 Gallery exhibition at Capital One Headquarters.
The show, titled 1708 Travels West for the Summer, will run from July until September.

The artist board members and gallery staff in the show are: Jennifer Van Winkle*, Tommy White*, Robert Walz, Jane Ware, Sara Thompson, Rob Tarbell, Gordon Stettinius*, Mary Scurlock*, Chuck Scalin*, Anne Savedge*, Diego Sanchez*, Alyssa Salomon*, Amie Oliver, Cindy Neuschwander*, Jeff Majer*, Aimee Koch, Travis Fullerton*, Pam Fox*, Bill Fisher*, Maria Dubon, Daniel Calder* and Gloria Blades*. Many of the artists in the show also have work in the Capital One permanent collection (their names are *'d). The artists will be featured in a brochure, generously provided by Capital One.

Warm thanks go to Francis Thompson and Anne Cook of Capital One for being enthusiastic supporters of the arts and of 1708 Gallery. Oh, and stay tuned for the date and time of a guided tour of the Capital One art collection for artists and board members - you do NOT want to miss seeing this stellar collection!

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